In the residential setting, the needs of the individual are regularly assessed by our treatment team to ensure the most effective form of care. We also offer meetings with parents, family and other community partners to discuss additional opportunities for the individual.

The QLS residential setting places an emphasis on individualized training and support. As it applies to independence in the home, our staff will teach skills in self-care, housekeeping, community integration, safety and more. The programs and treatments offered by Quality Life Services have been designed to address needs on a case-by-case basis. 

Below is an overview of our residential services and what families and caregivers can expect from QLS:

  • Single-level homes and single-occupancy rooms across several residential locations with modifications for individuals who have specific mobility and healthcare needs. These homes boast spacious floorplans and have been furnished to provide comfortable navigation.
  • Alternate home entry devices (ramps) that account for mobility needs, such as wheelchairs and other assistive devices.
  • Quiet and private neighborhoods offering private porches and landscaping.
  • Bathrooms with modifications for individuals with mobility needs.
  • Each room comes equipped with television and cable services hook-ups.