Quality Life Services is a state-licensed facility in Virginia providing residential group home and day support services for adults with developmental disabilities. Since 2005, we’ve proven our capability to manage individuals who present an array of medical needs. This includes, but is not limited to, those with complex medical needs, mobility needs and others requiring total care. Our reputation for well-rounded services has been built over the following 15 years and we invite you to learn more about us!

To provide the very best in Residential and Group Day services for individuals at Quality Life Services, we ensure that our approach is directed by our overall vision. This is about living your best life; the commitment of our staff and administration makes these healthy living and personal accomplishments possible.

Our Approach & Vision

Quality Life Services is committed to helping each individual live their best life. We accomplish this case-by-case goal each and every day through our exceptional services. Our vision ensures that all individuals are presented with the opportunity to live within community settings and experience all that QLS has to offer.

A commitment to excellence means prompt, professional and personal service. The person-centered approach focuses on an individual’s needs and how they respond to services. Our assessment and response to that reaction helps enhance our services and improves the success rate over time. What’s more, no one “phases out” of QLS. Individuals can stay with us indefinitely and make us their home.

We want all individuals to experience — in full — all that our community has to offer. This can only be accomplished through the extensive planning and programming that Quality Life Services has taken on over the years. You’ll see our prompt, professional and personal service shine through in all that we do.

Our Commitment

The primary goal of Quality Life Services is to make available the very best in community-based services. We strive to assist individuals with living their best life through a person-centered approach. We achieve this by doing the following:

Maintaining a knowledgeable and qualified staff who can implement a person-centered approach to deliver excellent customer service.

Being reliable. We are prompt and make our staff available staff to family, caregivers and all community partners.

Committed to meeting a defined niche market focus.

Deploying technology-based offerings to provide the very best in services.

Selecting the right Residential Care program or Group Day Program could be the most important decision you make for a family member. Here’s what sets us apart:

Our updated facilities promote ease of use and mobility. We have extended door openings, modified bathrooms, walk-in showers as well as single-level open floor plans with alternate entry points and ramps.

Registered and professional staff who have experience with the varying needs of individuals we serve. Please visit our “Staff” page to learn more!

Our unique activity schedule offers creative opportunities to individuals. These activities are catered to their personal strengths and needs.

We maintain an updated vehicle fleet that has been equipped with lift conversions.