proven methods

The finer points of our Residential Group Home and Group Day-Day Support services are all about making progress. Individuals in both of these core offerings will experience hours of helpful and effective assistance. The goal at QLS is to guide meaningful instructional programs that have a lasting impact.

We have designed our offerings to provide a maximum level of care while also teaching skills in well-established “focus areas.” The QLS treatment team uses proven methods to assist individuals with needs that differ drastically between Residential and Group Day-Day Support programs. The outcome, as we’ve seen time and time again at QLS, is that these educational experiences can then be used on a daily basis by individuals.

Program topics taught as part of QLS services include:




Community Integration

Health and Safety

Sensory Stimulation

Gross/Fine Motor

Solving Skills


Academic &
Musical Skills


Skills training is another form of personal empowerment we deliver. Here, individuals will be introduced to lessons plans that cover the areas below. These programs are great opportunities for community involvement and can be run for groups within a single sectioned room or as individualized trainings.

  • Home Life
  • Safety
  • Communication
  • Technology
  • Health 
  • Fitness

fully qualified

Quality Life Services employs a certified Registered Dietitian for consultation services on providing nutritional meals, over-view of food preparation and storage procedures, and individual diet management.