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Peace of mind provided by professional support – that’s the promise of Quality Life Services. Our commitment to compassionate care makes us a safe and stable place for individuals. We take great pride in that fact.

At QLS, we take the individual, their future and our offerings into complete consideration. We believe that a developmental disability should not dictate the trajectory of someone’s life. We work hard to provide as much personal freedom as possible while presenting the opportunity to live within a residential setting and experience all that our community has to offer.

Quality Life Services is Committed to Excellence

The level of care we are well-known for providing makes us a leader in the region. We’re proud that many expert QLS staff members boast local ties to the community. We’re equally proud of being able to rapidly respond to new needs and offer innovative services. This presently includes single-floor facilities, accessible amenities and serving individuals with complex medical and mobility needs.


Everyone is capable of achieving their own form of excellence.
It’s possible that these talents, skills, knowledge and abilities have simply laid dormant. It’s our job to inspire individuals to use these traits and to never give up. Our dedicated staff and administration work hard to give individuals their opportunity to shine through deeply personal efforts. We help to manage and, as a result, enhance futures.


We thank you for taking the time to learn more about Quality Life Services. We look forward to helping your loved one with their Residential services and Group Day Support needs. We look forward to sharing our story with parents, guardians and community partners who are looking for assistance programs that are second-to-none.